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Staff and Contact Information


Matt Cohen
Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station; B5000
Austin, TX 78712
matt.cohen at utexas dot edu

Current Staff:

Lauren Grewe, Assistant Editor, Project Manager
Ty Alyea, Editorial Assistant

Former Staff:

Nicole Gray, Project Manager and Assistant Editor
Travis Brown, Assistant Editor
Erica Fretwell, Senior Editor
Mike Speriosu, Developer
Elizabeth Frye, Editorial Assistant
Patrick Jagoda, Assistant Editor
Allison Dushane, Assistant Editor
Rachel Price, Assistant Editor
Leigh Campoamor, Graduate Assistant
Casey Freeman, Research Assistant
Lauren Trojniar, Research Assistant
Melissa J. Miller, Research Assistant
Kristen R. Davis, Research Assistant
Nathaniel Bilhartz, Research Assistant
Anna Dudenhoeffer, Research Assistant
Bethany Allen, Research Assistant
Daniel Tao, Research Assistant
Audra Eagle, Research Assistant
Erin Ingraham, Research Assistant
Meredith Ackroyd, Research Assistant
Derek Womack, Research Assistant
Carolina Astigarraga, Research Assistant

Employment opportunities:

Graduate research assistantships relating to digital humanities research are sometimes available through grant funding. Inquiries should be sent to Matt Cohen at matt.cohen at mail dot utexas dot edu.

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